Rear Brake Re-Installation

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Thanks to Dale Cheney for parts and superior service!

Lightly grease the backing plate where the brake
cylinder mounts since it slides up and down a little

Clean and lube all parts of the adjuster
especially the adjuster screw

Grease this fitting for the parking brake

New hose installed on the left side into
T fitting on axle housing

Install cylinder, 1st clip open end down, top clip open
end up. The 2 indentations on the 1st clip
will align with 2 holes in the top clip

Install rubber boot before attaching brake line
and parking brake. If you can't start the first 3
turns of the brake line by hand, you have it
cross threaded and it wil leak

Short spring on the adjuster side

Long spring on the cylinder side

Install 2 pins with coil springs and retainers

Cotter key in parking brake arm
ready to put the brake drums back on

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