Axle and Hub Removal:

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All cleaned up

Remove axle release screw

Gently pry axle out with putty knife

Closeup of putty knife

Paper gasket & rubber o-ring
(4 bolts on plate behind hub did not need to be removed)

axle pulled out

1 7/8 inch hub nut (tab washer removed
and nut reinstalled for picture)

Right hand thread on right side,
LEFT HAND thread on left side

3/4" socket to fit inside on bevelled opening

Closeup of socket (dealers had a special tool for this)

Clean the weep hole at the bottom and inside of rim

Backside view of weep hole

Support the hub to avoid the studs backing out,
then gently pound bearing out with a
large socket and hammer

Bend the tip of a screwdriver and grind it to a chisel
point for use in prying out the seal. Be careful
not to put any dents in the hub when prying.

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