Hub Re-Installation

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Rubber O-rings, paper gaskets, hub seals,
hub nut tab washers, brake line, parking brake rubber boots

Seal removal picture here to show that
the flat side of the seal points inward
to allow some rear end oil to slip by
and lubricate the bearing

Use a large socket or other drift that is the same size
as the outside of the seal, and gently pound in
the seal all the way to the stop

The seal is positioned at the bottom of the opening
(backside view)

A 2" piece of pipe is used to drive the hub back on the shaft

Tab washer going on

Tab being bent down to secure the nut

Right hand thread on right side,
LEFT HAND thread on left side

Paper gasket over the rubber O ring,
some people feel the O ring will seal fine without the gasket

Slide axle back in, it will take some wiggling and
tilting until it lines up and slides all of the way in.
Tighten axle release screw.

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